By chance, most of the restaurants I picked for our short visit to Boston, happened to be located in the Cambridge area. We had no Idea that “Arts First” was going on during the same time we were there. We even saw actor, John Lithgow speaking at the event. So, when we saw him at the lobby of the Benedetto restaurant, we were surprised. Not only that, he sat a couple of tables away from us! He must have a good taste!!
The food that we had was pretty good. Service was friendly and helpful.

Spicy grilled octopus with early spring vegetables, charred sweet onions, and ‘sapori di mare’ maionese
Very good octopus dish. It was cooked perfectly and was very flavorful.

Tagliatelle alla Bolognese (traditional ragù with beef short rib, pancetta and chicken livers
A very rich Bolognese sauce probably because of the addition of the chicken liver. It was a good portion also.

Spelt Flour Cavatelli with house cured Berkshire ham, snap peas, mint, Marsala and cream
Spelt and Berkshire? Sign me up. Very good dish with plenty of pork and a little crunch from the snap peas.

Strawberries & cream with mascarpone sabayon, rosemary oat streusel, aged balsamic and strawberry gelato
A very refreshing dessert and a great end to a very nice dinner.