I have had Brenner Pass on a list of places to try ever since I read about it online. After having BBQ at ZZQ and several hours at the Virginia Fine Art Museum, we stopped here for a light dinner before driving back home. The food that we tried was fresh and tasty. Service was fine.

Diots Pork Sausages, Caramelized Apple and Onion Jus
A very hearty dish. Savory sausage and sweet apples were great partners.

Antipasti Roasted Vegetables, Marinated Mushrooms, Hard Egg, Favas & Pecorino, Cippolini, Roasted Sweet Peppers
We really enjoyed this refreshing dish.

Escarole Roasted Strawberry, Vin Cotto, Abondance, Pistachio
A great ending to a light dinner. The balsamic strawberries were very sweet. Pistachio added the crunch.