Ever since I saw the brunch menu for rake’s progress online, I knew I wanted to try it. We had dinner here a few months ago and had a easier time making a reservation back then than for a brunch. I am glad the wait was worth it. Their brunch menu was very creative and not your usual boring offering. Service was friendly.

Route 40 smoked brisket, grilled trencher, kohl-slaw, bbq beans, horseradish cream
It was a great dish but we loved the bbq beans and slaw even more than the brisket. They were both very flavorful. The brisket was not as smoky as I have hoped. You can blame the zzq in Richmond to spoil me for all the other brisket out there. We really loved the horseradish cream.

leg of lamb flatbread, spit-roasted lamb, garlic herb rub, mint gremolata
The lamb was cooked well and was not gamey but it did not wow us.

Twice-Baked Pecan Raspberry Croissant
After sending my husband to check out the croissant on the lower level on display, I went down myself to make sure it looked good and it did! We could have skipped the powder sugar but the croissant itself was very crisp and buttery.

Strawberry glazed Cake Doughnut
Since I was talking to our waiter the whole time he was serving us, he treated us to this doughnut. It pays to be nice to the service staff. It was a good doughnut but not worth the $4.