I have been waiting for Gravitas to open up ever since I read about it last year. As the case is with many restaurants, they had to overcome a lot of challenges and finally opened up in July, the month of my birthday. Universe was on my side but unfortunately the day we dined there was a miserable rainy day. Even though we had a big umbrella and I had a hat on, I still got wet. The space was airy and large enough so you have some privacy. We were going to be seated by the front corner side of the restaurant but I requested to be seated on the opposite side with a good view of the kitchen and a much better lighting. Service was friendly and helpful. Their menu was divided to four categories: light beginning, Indulgence, Hearty and Sweet. You had a choice of four to seven course varying in price from $78 to $110. Since we don’t like to eat heavy at night, four courses were enough for us.

Southern Butterfly vida mezcal, Altos Reposado, Strawberry, Rhuburb, Walnut Orgeat, Lime, Magnolia Vinegar
My brother has been raving about mezcal for a long time now, so when I spotted it on the cocktail menu, I picked it up for my husband. It was potent and refreshing with a great smoky, sweet and sour flavor.

Garden Party Pineapple, Beet, Turmeric, Gingerbeer
I was afraid this mocktail was going to be too sweet, but our waiter assured me it wasn’t. It was a good drink right up my brother’s alley even though he was not in town celebrating with us.


Focaccia and Baguette with Seaweed Butter
Breads were good but the butter was the highlight.

Sunchoke Velouté Poached lobster, Fennel Marmalade, Green Apple, Brown Butter Powder
Ever since I saw this dish on the menu, I was sold. It was very smooth and the lobster pieces were cooked perfectly. When was the last time you had brown butter powder? Creative.

Tasting of Summer Mushrooms Glazed Chanterelles, Crispy Polenta, Parmesan Emulsion, Garlic Aioli, Lavender
My husband’s Pick. Tasty earthy mushrooms and polenta.

Gruyère Agnolotti Melted Leeks, Chives, Crispy Ash
This was a very small dish compared to my second course. I only got one agnolotti and not much else, so I don’t know how it tasted as a whole. My husband founded it fine but nothing special.

Yellowfin Tuna Sashimi Soy Vinaigrette, Shaved Jalapeño, Black Vinegar Aioli, Dehydrated Shallot and Garlic, Nori
I on the other hand, hit the jackpot with a very fresh sashimi grade tuna. I did not want the experience to end! Loved the crunch on the top from onion, garlic and nori.

Lemongrass Poached Halibut Asparagus, Shimegi Mushroom, Summer Herbs, ‘Pho’Gelée, Mushroom Consommé
The Consommé was so good and the veggies were as good as the fish. It was cooked perfectly and I am not even a big halibut fan!

Roasted Spring Lamb Lion Braised Farro, Confit Baby Onions, Garlic puree, Swiss Chard, Lamb Jus
This must have been one of the best lambs we have ever had. Not gamey at all and a joy to eat. The earthy farro was a good match and the chard added vegetal element to the dish. The jus was very good.

Saffron ‘Cheesecake’ Cheesecake Foam, Graham Cracker Crust, Blueberry Textures
I love saffron and naturally I had to order this. A very good deconstructed cheesecake full of high quality saffron flavor.

Strawberry ‘Shortcake’ White Chocolate Cake, Roasted Strawberries, compressed Rhubarb, Basil, Yuzu Sorbet
I am not a white chocolate fan but I am glad that did not stop me from ordering this dessert. It must be on the top ten best desserts we have ever had. Sweet strawberries, creamy cake and amazing yuzu sorbet. We savored every bite.