Primrose is located on a residential neighborhood of Brookland. The restaurant had an interesting decor. I noticed the ratio of staff was high. The food we tried was pretty good. I just wish they had a bigger menu and offered less carb-y items.

Eggs Cocotte Asparagus, mushrooms, truffle butter
I loved every bite of this delicious dish. Very creamy, truffle-y and delicious. They could have offered a more rustic baguette though.

Croque Madame Black Forest ham, béchamel, gruyere, egg
This must be one of the best if not the best Croque Madames we had. Very cheesy and delicious. The ham was very smoky. I asked our waiter about the source but he forgot to come back with an answer. It was so rich that you don’t even need the egg and can just get the Croque Monsieur.