This was our second brunch at the Unconventional Diner. The noise was deafening. They should really add some sound proofing to make it a more tolerable experience. Service was fine.

Double cheeseburger Tomato Chutney | Dijonnaise | Pickles | French Fries
My husband kept saying how great the burger was. The beef patty was flavorful but beyond salty. With the cheese and sauce already being salty, you should not add salt to the beef. You don’t want to measure your blood pressure after this burger!

“Dirty Caesar Soft Egg | Smoked Tomato | Aged Gouda
It was spicy but very tasty. To tame the spiciness, we ate it with fries. The soft egg could have been a little softer. We enjoyed the smoked tomatoes even though it was spicy. The crumbs added a nice crunch.