Acapulco Trading Co. Mezcal, Mango, Thai Basil, Yuzu, Creme de Banana, Poleo Tea Sea Salt
My husband’s choice. It was fruity and delicious.

Ziggy Stardust margarita Mezcal, Lime, Agave, LN2 Bath, Berries, Frozen to Order
I don’t usually drink for health reasons but I could not resist this creative frozen drink. It was very potent but as the time went by, it became easier to drink or should I say “eat”.

Very tasty and crunchy blue corn tortillas with spicy salsa.

Shrimp and Cuttlefish Ceviche coconut citrus, chorizo
It was very spicy but tasty noodles made off shrimp and cuttlefish. When you are done with the noodles they add a little mezcal for you to finish up the broth. They forgot to provide spoons though!

Pulpo Laminado crispy octopus, mole blanco, ink pepper jam, artichoke
It was a good dish but some parts were a little more chewy than others. Mole was pretty good.

Burrito “The King” wagyu, lobster, caviar, robiola, black truffle-black beans
This must be the most ordered item on the menu from the reviews I had read. It was  an interesting surf and turf concept. I enjoyed the lobster more than the wagyu. I couldn’t taste much black truffle beans though. It was worth a try but not a repeat order. The Elvis plate added to the experience.

Strawberry Raspado coconut panna cotta
We finished our dinner with a bang. At $9 a very good value and it was so delicious. Flavorful strawberries and coconut panna cotta was a marriage made in heaven. The crunchy coconuts added some texture.

We ended our experience with flavorful Pâte de fruits in strawberry and passion fruits I think!