French Toast Strawberries, maple syrup
Very decadent. Almost every table had ordered this. We hardly ever order French toast, but from what I had read and heard, it was supposed to be a must order. I am glad it did not disappoint. It was very custardy. Every bite was a joy with a little guilt! If we order it again, I will ask for the syrup on the side.

Salmon Niçoise salmon, olives, haricots verts, greens, sherry vinegar
I ordered the Thon Niçoise but after a few minutes the manager came over and told me that they did not have any tuna on hand! Then, update the menu. He said that I could have the salad with smoked salmon and he will take care of it. The salad was good and the salmon was very good. When we got the bill they had given us a $7 credit.