We started and ended our trip to Amsterdam at The Butcher by chance. First time, after we ate at the Mook pancakes, we stopped at the Foodhallen and I could not resist the beef aroma on the fire. My husband complained that he was not hungry and suggested we share a burger. I had my eye set on “The Daddy” and that was what I ordered. The second time we took the free ferry to the eye museum area and ended at the Butcher’s Social Club location. I enjoyed our first experience better.

The Daddy 230g of prime Aberdeen Angus beef topped with melted Edam cheese, lettuce, tomato, bacon, BBQ sauce & grilled onion
The beef was tasty, the bacon was smoky but was more like a ham and the bbq sauce was very good. It was messy to eat and my husband complained about the bun but I enjoyed the daddy.

Who let The Dogs Out 100% beef hotdog with chopped cucumber and tomatoes, mustard & ketchup
My husband picked this at the social club. The hot dog had a harder casing that we are used to in the US. It was good though.

Butcher Fries
Fries was disappointingly on the soft side.

The Babaganoush Prime Aberdeen Angus beef, lettuce, tomato, grilled onion, mashed grilled aubergines blended with sesame paste & spices
My choice at the social club. The babaganoush was nice and smoky but the burger was a little overcooked and did not impress me as much as the daddy.