De Kas was the first restaurant I reserved for our trip to Amsterdam. Later on, I saw it mentioned repeatedly on many dining lists. We got off the tram at the wrong stop and had to jog for more than ten minutes to get there, fifteen minutes late. Well, it was our first full day and we had the jet lag. You had a choice of three or four courses for the lunch menu. It was mostly veggies plus one course of baby shrimps and one course of chicken. Since I don’t eat chicken, they gave me the veggie option for that course. Service was a little stiff to start with, but towards the end, I conversed with our waiter and he warmed up. The space was large, bright and had something to the side that looked like a small olive tree. They grow a lot of their greens in the greenhouse.

Tapioca cracker
Crunchy and tasty.

Zucchini with Curry Cream
Enjoyed the flavorful curry cream.

Baby Turnip
Crunchy topping atop and below the turnips.

Beetroot and Coffee
It was an autumnal dish and yes you could taste the coffee.

Dutch Shrimp and Coconut Bisque pointed cabbage, lemon beans, basil
Our first experience with Dutch shrimp so we did not know what to expect. What we got was very tiny baby shrimps with delicious charred cabbage. Dare I say I enjoyed the cabbage more!

Pulled Chicken and Frankenthaler Grapes Buckwheat, Frisee, tarragon cream, verjuice
My husband had this dish and enjoyed it. Interesting buckwheat crisps.

Eggplant, Parsley and Peanut Sauce, Onion Ring
The veggie version of the chicken dish. It was very flavorful and I guess Asian influence of peanut sauce and eggplant.

Pumpkin Custard Buttermilk ice cream, salted caramel
A tasty dessert but the portion was too small for the 10 Euro supplement. Basically two bites.

Cheese Platter
At 9.50 Euro a better deal than the pumpkin custard. It came with Blauw Klaver, Beemster Kaas and Royal Briard. They were all very good. I asked about the source and was given the name of the cheese shop. I stopped by on our last day and picked up a few aged cheeses.