Finding Patisserie Tout was not that easy thanks to a mailman who sent us the wrong way. The funny thing is that the place was located on a commercial street full of shops around the corner from where we asked him. The goodies we tried were very good and prices were very reasonable. We pay almost double in this country for usually less successful pastries. The only drawback was the fact that they only accepted cash. So, make sure to have some cash on hand.

Mille Feuille
Very good and it is only offered on Saturdays. Crisp phyllo with delicious pastry cream.

Chocolate Mille Feuille
At 3.40 Euro very reasonable. I was going to save this one for later but my sugar addicted husband wanted to eat it right away. It was dense and little sweet for my taste. Or maybe after the other two, we should have saved this one!

Red Sensation
This was priced 3.75 euro and not only it looked gorgeous, but it tasted amazing also. The texture was like a velvet and the top had a lace like garnish. It was a cassis flavor which is my favorite.