Rijks is a restaurant of the Rijksmuseum. The food that we tried was good but a little pricey considering the small portions.

Asian Pear
A little refreshing bite.

Black Radish with lemon Salt
It was Ok. It needed something else to make it more interesting.

Bread and Butter
Crusty bread and good butter.

Tomato Salad “Blaarkop” cheese, Avocado, Basil Sorbet
It was a summery, refreshing dish, specially the basil sorbet. It looked great also. Heriloom tomatoes were sitting atop avocado sauce.

Artichoke heart with Aji Amarillo Granité
My husband enjoyed this dish.

You pulled a drawer underneath the table to use whatever cutlery you needed. Interesting idea.

My husband’s choice. It was a little bland. It needed acidity to perk it up.

Celeriac from Rotisserie Bottarga Beurre Blanc, Fish Eggs
Thinly sliced celery root with pretty flowers and crunchy fish eggs.