I first read about Yerba while reading an article from Condé Nast Traveler. As soon as I read the menu, I knew I wanted to eat there. It was a rainy night and we got there early. Thankfully, they invited us in before the opening time. You had a choice of 3 course for 34€, 4 for 37€ and so on. Even though we like to eat light at night, for 4€ more you could have had four courses and that was what I decided on. Service was very friendly and the food we tried was one of the best vegetarian dishes we have had.

Bread and Hummus
It was pretty good. My husband thought it was salty and that comes from the salt loving guy. Even though I watch my sodium intake, I did not agree.

Blue corn tortilla | artichoke | cauliflower | shiso | crispy onions
It is funny to eat tacos in other countries but this was one of the most flavorful tacos we have had. With the listed ingredients, how can it not be?

Confit potato | roasted summer squash | umeboshi | orange soy glaze
My husband’s dish.

Jerusalem artichoke saffron cake | pickled and grilled root to seed carrot | carrot puree
Very earthy and delicious dish.

Wild Boar Coppa
Tasted pretty good.

Hispi cabbage charred | legumes | oregano | peas hummus
Very good dish. The cabbage was perfectly charred and the pea hummus was something different and delicious.

Sweet potato gnocchi | cavolo nero | roasted yellow capsicum | black tahini | aubergine
As soon as I saw eggplant and tahini, I was sold. It was pretty good with lots of flavor.

Pickled cherries / smoked vanilla charcoal ice cream / mahleb meringue
I am glad our waitress helped me to choose this delicious dessert. Smoked vanilla charcoal ice cream? yes please. The pickled cherries were very good and I can’t say I ever had mahleb, an aromatic cherry seed powder before.

date + halva ice cream / orange sponge / candied fennel
Very creative dessert and thankfully not too sweet. When was the last time you had candied fennel?