We had a pretty good dinner at Sinne. As we sat down, our waiter told us that we had the table for 90 minutes, which was fine with us. He then told us that we could pick our courses or go with the chef’s choice. We said OK, we can go with the chef’s choice but I would have liked to see the menu anyway.

Crusty Bread

Brown Butter
The most delicious butter. Very nutty.

Papaya Curry Mousse with Peanuts
Very good and flavorful amuse. It had a kick from curry and crunch from peanuts.

Chorizo Taco with Avocado
Cute little tacos.

Mussel with BBQ Leek and curry Sauce
Very fresh briny and plump mussels.

Celeriac bbq celeriac with 63 degrees egg yolk, hazelnut, hollandaise, garlic sauce and truffle
It was an interesting dish. My husband claimed the truffles were not that aromatic. Well, who knows what kind of truffles they used, but our waiter shaved plenty of it to cover the egg like a blanket of a fresh snow.

Veal Tenderloin barbecued tenderloin with crumble of black olives, baharat, bell pepper with veal cheek and gravy
Very nice earthy dish. The veal was cooked perfectly but I enjoyed the veal cheeks even more. It almost tasted like bone marrow!

Cream Cheesecake with Strawberry
A nice pre dessert dish.

White Chocolate, Peach, Meringue, Raspberry
At least I got the dessert that I wanted from the menu that we did not get to see! I checked the menu briefly in the morning. The peach sorbet was very peachy and delicious. Meringue was great. A great end to a nice dinner.