Our first place to eat after our short trip to Amsterdam. It did not disappoint. Very good food as usual.

Coconut Nutmeg Latte
A nice latte with a hint of coconut.

Fresh Green Falafel & Housemade Pita Tahini, harissa, sumac-pickled vegetables & yogurt
Very light falafels. The texture was nice and crunchy. The pita was pretty good also. Cabbage salad added crunch.

Avocado, Gravlax and Heirloom Tomato Toast
A different version of gravlax from the previous visit. I liked it better. Very fresh cubes of salmon mixed in with creamy avocado and flavorful heirloom tomatoes. Caper added brine and dill an herbal element to the sourdough toast.  I could eat one everyday.

Ricotta and Peach Salad
It was a nice salad with plenty of fresh greens and pretty edible flowers. The only problem was the bland peach. If you use peach, it better be sweet and delicious.