I have been wanting to try Tiger Fork since last year. When I read that they had a new brunch menu, I decided to give it a try. The food we had was good but overpriced considering the portions, specially when it came to meat portions. Service was friendly.

Shumai Brown butter scallop, pork
Very good start. You got surf and turf.

Black Pepper Steak Claypot Confit potato, duck egg, rice
At $26, you did not feel like you got a value. The few pieces of beef you got, were not that tender and the dish was sweet.

Beef Chow Fun Brisket, bok choy, rice noodles
My husband wanted this dish. The noodles were tasty but the brisket slices were a hit and miss. the fatty parts were pretty good and flavorful. The lean slices were chewy and not pleasant to eat.