I came across this bakery while searching online for croissant in Richmond. When I read that it was a wood fire, stone milling bakery, I got interested. The bakery was located in the residential area of Richmond. We just followed the aroma to the bakery. There was a long line inside. As we got closer to the counter, I became concerned that it might not live up to the big line!! I was right.

Kale and Cheese Croissant
This one came right out of the oven while we were waiting in line. It had plenty of kale and good amount of cheese.

Pain au Chocolat
I asked the lady behind the counter whether the chocolate was dark or not? She responded, yes, it was. As I took my first bite, I was disappointed by the sugary chocolate. The croissant did not taste like butter but it had a good texture.

Apple Hand Pie
My husband enjoyed it.

Chocolate Chess Pie
It tasted too sugary to enjoy.

Pistachio sour Cherry
It was good but not great. The cherry tasted more sweet than sour.

Ham and Cheese Croissant
It was good but once again we did not detect a butter flavor.