ZZQ was calling my name and decided to make the 100 mile drive to indulge in beef and pork goodness. I just wish that they were a little closer to us.

Beef Brisket, Pulled Pork Shoulder, Prime Rib, Cowboy Beans, Zucchini
Brisket was the star here. Very smoky and delicious and good balance of fat to the meat. The pulled pork was good but I prefer the one from the federalist Pig. The prime rib was the special of the day and it came with grilled green onions and charred spring onion salsa verde. It was pretty good. My husband was going to order the dirty rice, I convinced him to go with the beans. It tasted heavy in cumin as last time we had it. Zucchini helped to balance the meat.

Tamarindo Aqua Fresca
Very tasty tart drink.