Scotts is a new British/American restaurant not far from the Portrait gallery. The decor was welcoming and there was a live jazz to entertain you. Since they had just opened up, the service was attentive.

Scotts Eggs Benedict Scotch Egg, Canadian Bacon, Roasted Potatoes
My husband was going to order the classic Benedict. I convinced him to go for the scotts egg, which is a classic british dish. basically sausage wrapped around soft egg. He loved it. It also came with a flavorful Canadian bacon. The potatoes were OK. They could have used a more interesting potato variety than a plain old white. The star of the dish was the very lemony hollandaise sauce. I could eat a bowl of it everyday, but my doctor would not approve.

The Full Monty! Scottish Breakfast Eggs, bacon, pork sausage, mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, black pudding, roasted potatoes, baked beans
At $17, you got your money worth. Plenty of food to fill you up. Bacon was flavorful. Pork sausage was on the salty side and the black pudding was thankfully mild and earthy.