On a very cold day in the Capital hills neighborhood of D.C., we had our second brunch at Garrison. We were shown to a dark table next to the wall. Since almost all of the front of the restaurant was empty, I asked to be moved to the front so we would have a better lighting. Dark restaurants on a cold cloudy day is not my idea of a good time.
Service was helpful.

Dry Aged Beef Burger aged New York cheddar, smoked paprika potato chips
This must have been one of the best burgers we have ever had. It had a very beefy,  smoky flavor. I told our waiter how much we enjoyed it and he mentioned that the meat was a combination of bison and beef from a local place in Virginia. The chips were fine. The burger’s garnish of the pickled tomatillo, pickle and Pepperoncini intrigued my interest when I saw a picture online.

Croque Madame country ham, Gruyere cheese, sunny side up duck egg, house made bread
On their online menu it says rye bread but we got brioche bread instead. It was tasty but the ham and cheese was not as plentiful as the one from Primrose restaurant.