Laboo Fire roasted beets | pomegranate basil sauce | crumbled goat feta
The beets were warm but there were very few pomegranates in the sauce and I did not taste any basil. It also could have used more than the 1 tsp of goat feta to make it a more balanced salad or appetizer.

Kabob Torsh Lamb loin filet | pomegranate | saffron
This kabob used to be my favorite and had a sweet/sour taste, but this time it tasted just sweet and the meat was overcooked. Basically a waste of $25.

Tahdig with Koofteh
Tahdig is a crispy rice and koofteh was a Meatball made of ground beef tenderloin, lentils and mixed herbs. At $15, a total waste of money. Usually the crispy rice is one or two big pieces but in this case, it tasted like they collected all the day before leftovers and added koofteh on the top of it. The koofteh was good but salty.