Tail Up Goat recently started a brunch service. It offers 3 courses for $40. Depending on what you choose, it could be a pleasant brunch or one with not much value. I think my husband’s choices were a better value. I felt like for a bit more money, you are better off trying their dinner, which we have had in the past.

Tuna conserva, hard-boiled egg, herb salad, anchovy, candied olive
This dish filled you up but did not give you any joy. The tuna was grey and when I asked what kind of tuna it was, I was told a yellowfin. The jar of yellowfin I buy from Wegmans tastes better! The candid olive was great though. I feel like it needed a little acidity to freshen up the dish.

Ricotta “pancake,” ground cherry syrup, candied hazelnuts, mint
It was a nice little pancake but it should have been a little bigger, portion wise.

Sweet potato biscuit, mortadella, taleggio fonduta, radicchio
This is where the value dived!! The sweet potato biscuit was moist but the tiny slice of mortadella could not possibly satisfy anybody. The marinated radicchio was the highlight.

Grilled mahi mahi, ravigote, crispy potatoes
The best dish of the brunch. Good portion of mahi cooked perfectly with a delicious smoky flavor. The crispy potatoes were a perfect partner to the fish.

Ginger sorbet, apple, rosemary, pine nut halva
I really enjoyed the very lemony sorbet. The crisp apple slices provided a textural contrast. Pine nut halva was great.

Custard, balsamic, honey, olive oil
My husband loved his dessert. It was very good but I prefer my choice.