We were seated towards the back thus the not so great pictures.

Pork Rib Tips and Brisket with Smoked cauliflower
The pork rib tips were good. Brisket was not juicy and as good as the one from ZZQ. The star was the smoked cauliflower. Who would have thought? I don’t think Francis would have approved. Then again he was a ribs man! I did wish that I would have run into him.

Red Bliss Potato Salad and Broccoli with Raisin and Apple
The potato salad was creamy and mustardy as usual. The broccoli salad was supposed to have blue cheese but I did not taste any. It had raisin though.

Jose Canseco Sandwich  House smoked ham, pulled pork, melted Swiss, pickles, crispy skins, topped w/ mustard BBQ sauce
The best sandwich and a great value at $12. You could eat half for lunch and the other half for dinner, if you get a couple of veggie sides. The pulled pork was so good and smoky. Ham added more goodness, cheese sealed the deal and crispy skin added crunch.