We had brunch at Hazel when we first moved to the DMV area. I remember the food was OK to very good back then, but the portions were small. Recently it went through a chef change. Now the menu leans more towards Mediterranean cuisine.

Tahini Swirl Bread, Olive Oil Jam, Sea Salt
It was a good breakfast bread but a bit pricey at $8. It was on the sweet side and needed more tahini. The star of the show was the olive oil jam. Very unique texture and addicting.

Kuku Egg Scramble, Mediterranean Herbs, Pomegranate Molasses, Walnuts
There is a Persian dish named Kuku, but this was a completely different dish. Interesting scrambled egg, almost tasted like it was mix with bread pieces. It needed more molasses and walnuts.

Short Rib Hash, Potatoes, Sunnyside Egg
This was unlike any other short rib hash we have had. It was more like a dry stew. The portion was tiny.