Our third time at Thip Khao. Every thing was very good but too salty. I asked the waiter to pack the sticky rice that we did not eat, but once we got to the car, I realized he had forgotten it. I was not happy.

KHAONOM MUN FALANG yellow curry potato puffs, sweet and sour sauce
Very close to an Indian samosa but much tastier. The crispy dough and the spiced potatoes were pretty good and comforting. You did not even need the dipping sauce.

NAEM KHAO THADEAU crispy coconut rice, sour pork, peanut, banana blossom, lime, scallion, cilantro
My favorite dish. Thank God it came with lettuce leaves, because even though it was a delicious combination of crispy rice, Asian sausage, crunchy peanuts, it was too salty.

PIING grilled skewers with lemongrass, ginger, padaek, spicy toasted rice sauce, pork neck
It was very smoky and on the sweet side. Very addicting.

AWK herbal stew, lemongrass, dill, eggplant wood era, green bean, braised beef
It was very herby with plenty of mushrooms, a few green eggplants and a little bit of beef.