Getting to the restaurant at the Patowmack Farm could be tricky if you use your GPS. We were driving on Lovettsville Road and the GPS told us, you have arrived. We looked around, wondering where the restaurant was? We passed by the sign on Lovettsville Road pointing to the left. But Google map had other plans for us! Took us on a loop of a rocky dirt road. Google map should get its act together. Once we arrived, we were one of the two tables occupied. The chairs looked worn out and that surprised me considering the premium prices they charged. It was uncomfortable too. Service was informative and formal. It was worth checking it out but considering the prices, the chairs and the long distance, we will not come back.

Dry Aged Tuna open omelet, potato, black vinegar, mache, tuna foyot
I had my heart set on a scallop dish but once we  sat down and checked the menu, it was not listed. That has happened to me a few times before. I even called them the day before and asked when they would update the weekend menu. So, I settled on the tuna dish. The open egg omelet was interesting and tuna pieces were cooked to medium rare but the dish was not that exciting.

Beef Short Rib beet pancakes, walnuts, feta, pickled cherries
My husband’s dish was more exciting. The highlight were the sweet/sour beets. They tasted fresh from the garden. The beet pancakes were interesting also. The short ribs were a mix of tender and chewy pieces. Pickled cherries added a little acid.

Dark Chocolate Cake ginger ice cream, fudge sauce, walnut
We ended our lunch with a not so exciting chocolate cake. The ginger ice cream impressed more.