This mocha was not listed on their beverage menu, but when I asked, I was told they would make me one. The first one I received was lukewarm. I figured if they charge $6 for one, I should get a temperature appropriate one. The second one was much better. One of my favorite mochas and not sweet at all.

Cheddar Bacon Burger
Last time I dined here was with my family and I shared my mom’s burger. That left such an impression on me that even though I took a long time to decide what to get, I had to order it. Was it as good as the first time? Yes it was. Very juicy high quality beef with a delicious bacon. I shared it with my husband. The side potato was undercooked though.

Flat Iron Steak and Eggs
Even though my husband was going to order a different dish, he listened to our waitress and ordered this. He enjoyed it but I found the steak on the chewy side and preferred my juicy burger.

Donout Holes
Since my side potato was a little undercooked and I mentioned it to a manager, this plate of donouts was delivered to make up for it. It was a nice gesture.