I have been wanting to try Little Sesame for a long time. Unfortunately their hours are Monday through Friday. So, Presidents day was a day to try this place. Finding a parking was a nightmare. It took forever to find a spot. It was a cold windy day and the place was packed. At first, I sat outside praying a spot would open up so we could enjoy our lunch inside. Lucky for us a couple left and we took their spot. By the time we were done eating more spots opened up. So it is all a matter of timing. Food we tried were pretty good and prices were the same as other similar places.

Roasted Squash Pomegranate Molasses, Crispy Chickpeas & Cilantro
The star was the delicious squashes. Very tender and flavorful. The hummus was creamy.

Grass Fed Beef kebab Shakshouka Sauce, Cabbage Salatim & Tahini
I cut this in half to share with my husband and it was really messy to eat. I think it had three round beef patties. The shakshouka sauce was a delicious tomato sauce. Cabbage added textural contrast.

Dark Chocolate Turkish Coffee Soft Serve with Halva Dust
It was a good ending to a nice lunch. I could definitely taste the coffee. Halva was not as nutty as I like.