We have been to Federalist Pig a few times. I recently discovered that rather than getting the BBQ, we should get their really delicious sandwiches. I remember my brother while visiting us last year, raved about the pulled pork sandwich he had. After a few sandwiches, I can honestly say that you get the best bang for your buck.

Music City Spicy fried chicken breast, greens, pickles, ranch
My husband had a nerve to come to a BBQ place and get a fried chicken sandwich.😜
I was not happy about that since I don’t eat poultry and I wanted another delicious looking sandwich that I had my eyes on and wanted to share! He liked the spicy sandwich but after trying a piece of my pastrami, he regretted his decision.

Larry David pastrami, coleslaw, Swiss cheese
Great smoked pastrami sandwich. It had a spice kick probably from the coleslaw. Big enough that I took some of it home. Bread could have been a little more crusty though.