We have been to Taco Bamba’s Vienna location a few times but this was our first stop at the Chinatown location. Everything was tasty but salty. I wish they had a few low carb options like salads or lettuce wrap instead of corn or flour tortillas.

Maradona smoked brisket, grilled sweetbreads, habanero ash chimichurri
This must have been my favorite taco of all time. Smoky brisket and delicious perfectly cooked sweetbread. What’s not to like. I hope they keep this taco.

Arabe Flour Pita, Grilled Chicken, Ancho Mayo, Cucumber Pico de Gallo, Spicy Yogurt, Mint
My husband’s pick. He enjoyed it. It looked like it was a good portion.

Chivito Torta steak, ham, mortadella, Chihuahua cheese, hearts of palm, olive tapenade, fried egg
This huge Sandwich was a mix. The steak was too chewy and should have been cooked more medium. The rest was too salty but tasty. My husband had a hard time chewing the steak and skipped some of it.