Ever since I read that chef Andrew Carmellini was opening a restaurant in Baltimore, I knew we should give it a try. A few months passed and I read a positive review of the restaurant in chowhound. That encouraged me to try the restaurant. The food we tried was pretty good and service was helpful.

Cappuccino and Coffee
I asked for mocha but they only offered Cappuccino. At $6 very pricy, specially considering the Baltimore location. It was a fine Cappuccino.

Crab Cobb Salad tomato, avocado, bacon, charred jalapeño vinaigrette
It was a good size salad for $22. I liked it enough that it was hard to share it with my husband. But since I love him, he got half of my salad. It was refreshing but the bacon was a little too salty. Crab tasted fresh as it should considering the location.

Shrimp & Grits, Benton’s bacon, farm egg, stewed tomato
My husband’s pick. He enjoyed it. It came with plenty of flavorful grits to keep you full all day. Shrimps were cooked right and the stewed tomatoes were on the spicy side.