We usually eat at the Federalist Pig around opening time. After day of touring EU embassies, we were hungry and within a short walking distance of the Federalist Pig. The food we had was not as tasty as usual. I think it is time for a break from the Federalist Pig.

Pork Spare Ribs
My husband went for his usual ribs. This time was not as juicy as the previous time.

Fresh Prince top round, melted Swiss, smoked tomatoes, crispy onions, garlic sauce
I looked at the special sandwich board and I should have known better than ordering top round. I ate half complaining the whole time that how chewy and overcooked it was. My husband took a small bite from the other half. I decided to go to the counter and tell them about the problem. At first, the guy behind the counter asked me if I wanted a new one, but he changed his tone and told me that it looked like only 1/3 of the sandwich was left. I told him fine, just throw it out. I sat down and waited for my husband to finish up. To my surprise the food runner brought me a smaller version of the sandwich.

It was cooked much better and tasted much better.