The main reason one dines at the Brothers and Sisters is for the very delicious cakes. I always check out the pastry chef, Pichet Ong, instagram every week. He is one lucky guy traveling the world and eating great food. I noticed they had a new cake and I called to make sure they were offering it that day and lucky for us they were. Not only that but the stars were aligned and we even saw and met chef Ong!

Dry Aged Beef Burger Bleu Cheese Aioli / Bacon Jam
This was the new burger and it was pretty good competing for one of my favorite burgers one level up at the Rake’s Progress.

Takoyaki Hushpuppies Tare / Octopus
A good deal at $11 and very filling. There were a little octopus in the hushpuppies and was sitting on a very salty soy based sauce.

The Next Vacation (Taipei) Matcha Chiffon Cake, Berry Mousse, Sencha Tea Jellies, Japanese Adzuki Bean Paste
OK, finally the reason we were there. It looked very pretty and was a perfect late spring cake. Berries and matcha, match made in heaven. I was tempted to order a second cake but my body rejected that idea! Bad body.