7/9 and 7/17/2019

I had two lunches at the Clarity. Once with my mom and once with my husband on my birthday. The food was good both times but the value price ratio was off in two dishes. Service was always friendly. Our waiter, the second time, went beyond norm to make my birthday a special day. He even treated us to two glasses of sparkling wine. Something that you rarely see nowadays.

Shrimp Bisque
It was lighter than usual and my mom found it a little salty. She asked if it could be split in half and her wish came true! There were plenty of shrimps.

Veal Flank Steak
I can’t say I have ever had veal flank from France before. It was pretty good. The greens and the madeira reduction were very good also.

Maryland Jumbo Lump Crab Salad braised fennel, shaved cantaloupe, cilantro, leeks
This dish was a disappointment. The portion was so tiny, we each got one small bite.

Earth and Eats Farm Heirloom tomato Salad stracciatella di buffala, basil pesto, baby arugula, rapini vinaigrette
This was not what I expected specially when I had a beautiful tomato and stone fruit salad a few days prior. Four slices of red tomatoes, one tablespoon of stracciatella!! The irony was the two salads were both priced at $12. Very poor value.

Dry Aged Seven Hills Cheese Burger Australian lamb shoulder roulade, aged cheddar, mushroom aioli, rustic potatoes, greens
After two tiny salads, at least The burger did not disappoint. It was flavorful. The lamb was not gamey. The side salad was very fresh and had all kinds of greens. The potatoes were addicting.

Cast Iron Roasted Veal Sweetbreads roasted peppers, earth & eats corn, madeira reduction
The swwetbreads were cooked perfectly and went very well with the madeira sauce and corn.

Earth and Eats Blueberry Brioche Bread Pudding sugared pecan, confit blueberry glaze
The restaurant treated me to this bread pudding. It was pretty good.

Earth and Eats Raspberry Panna Cotta raspberry lola rosa sauce, almond shortbread
We ordered a dessert that was on their dinner dessert menu. Our kind waiter came back and told us that they were still working on that dessert, so we got the Panna Cotta. The funny thing is my husband who loves panna cotta did not like it that much. I liked it just fine. Maybe he was too full to enjoy it. The raspberry sorbet was so good, it reminded me of my favorite one from Grom.