I think I have been to the original location of Moby Dick House of Kabob in Georgetown over twenty years ago. Now there is a location in every corner of the DMV area. We were out on a record heat all day trying to fix a problem with my laptop. It was late and since we were near the Moby Dick’s Fairfax location, we decided to give the place a try. Big mistake!

Kubideh Kabob with Salad
I asked them to cook it medium since almost all the Persian restaurants overcook their kabobs. The result was not what I expected. It looked pale and it was dense. The salad was OK. Who uses iceberg lettuce anymore?

Kubideh Kabob
My husband could not stop complaining about his Kabob. I told him, sometimes you eat, just so you fill up your stomach! That did not stop him! Bad bad dense kabob.