Our second time dining at The Dabney. My husband never forgot the delicious foie gras we had more than a year ago. I originally picked a different restaurant for my birthday dinner, but because of the record heat, I canceled and switched to The Dabney. We were seated in the back corner with a dim lighting. I was worried that my pictures were going to be ruined!! It took 30 minutes for bread to arrive! Service was good otherwise. The dishes we tried were all good but the portions were tiny for the price.

Practice What you Peach el velo blanco tequila, grilled peach, lime, & basil
It tasted good but at $14, it was mostly ice.

Yellowfin Tuna keepwell soy, ginger, benne, nasturtium, & VA peanut
It looked interesting and was very good. Fresh tuna with crunch from peanuts.

Maryland Blue Crab roma beans, tomatoes, onion, garlic, & fried okra
It was a flavorful dish. Very good fresh lump blue crab. We wanted more.

Heart Roasted Spring Vegetables heirloom grain salad, ricotta, & lemon
It was very good char veggies but not much for $16.

Fluke fried oyster, English peas, corn, gooseberries & tarragon velouté
We asked our waitress which one of the three fish dishes should we get? She told us to get the fluke. It was two thin slices of fluke cooked right with corn and peas. The highlight was the tarragon velouté. Gooseberries were the welcome addition.

Ice Cream
It was a nice gesture but it was too sweet.

Citrus Herb Sundae lemon balm ice cream, yogurt mousse, & grilled peach
It was light, herbal and refreshing.