Baltard au Louvre was our first lunch destination in Paris. The food varied from good to pretty good. The first courses did not impress but the main coursed were much better. Service on the other hand was a complete mess. It started fine but it took us more than 20 minutes and asking three different people to receive our check. Even though the indoor area that we were seated was empty when we arrived, by the time we were ready to leave, our table was in direct sunlight. Not a pleasant experience and not an ideal way of starting our anniversary trip.

Maquereaux fumes / creme d’aubergine au tahina / pickles d’oignons
Smoked mackerel with aubergine cream with tahina and pickled onions. It was an Ok dish. Not the biggest fans of mackerel. The eggplant with tahini was good though.

Creme de sucrine au curry jaune / sucrine rotie tartinee a la compotee d’algue
This was a light dish of roasted sweet lettuce sitting on a pool of curry lettuce creme and seaweed.

Merlan gomasio / emulsion de chou-fleur / taboule de chou-fleur agrumente
This was a tasty and creative dish. Sesame crusted whiting fish seating on a bed of cauliflower creme. It also had purple and white cauliflower, French lentils and was garnished with herbs. It looked great also.

Tranche epaisse de foie de veau / soubise d’oignons doux / carottes passion et curd
I can’t remember the last time I had liver. This was by far the best veal liver I ever had. It was cooked perfectly which is not the easiest to accomplish. It came with glazed carrots.