I have been a fan of Jacques Genin for a long time. I even picked my hotel walking distance, so I could indulge. A few days before our trip I found out that he no longer had the cafe section! So, my dreams of the best hot chocolate and mille feuille were shattered. He has replaced that section with an ice cream area made to order. Also a few pastries offered daily. That did not stop me from going there on our first day in Paris after lunch. Finding it on the other hand was challenging even though we had been there a couple of  times before. Blame Google Maps and street name confusions. I asked a few people and the last guy pointed me to the other side of the street! I could not believe my eyes. I walked by it too. As soon as we walked in, I asked if they had the mille feuille? I was told no and another lady mentioned that they had in the morning. I picked up a few caramels. The mango was the favorite.

My husband picked the raspberry. At €6, a bit pricy for one scoop but it was worth it and you got a good amount. The raspberry flavor was so intense and delicious, it was like you just ate a big bowl of the best raspberries. I had to steal a few licks!!

This is what they are famous for and won an award for. It was nutty and complex but the raspberry won me over.

Chocolate Tart
A very intense chocolate tart with a hint of coffee. At €9 a bit pricy but that is the story at Jacques Genin. At least everything you eat is the highest quality.