Pierre Herme has always been our favorite. I even picked my hotel with the original location in mind. What amazes me is the fact that you get high quality baked goods at such a reasonable prices. In US, you pay double the price for mostly OK baked goods.

Croissant Ispahan
My husband’s favorite. Ispahan croissant is combination of raspberry, rose and lychee. So I made sure he had one on his birthday. Lucky guy celebrating his birthday in Paris. He enjoyed it but it was too sweet for me.

Pain au Chocolat et Pistache
Very good croissant with plenty of pistachio and chocolate. I just did not care for the icing on top.

Pain au Chocolat Gianduja
A little on the sweet side but the texture was amazing.

It looked better than it tasted. If the sugar was cut a little, it would have been much better.

2000 Feuilles
Since I did not have the Millefeuille from Jacques Genin, when I saw two versions at Pierre Herme, I picked the hazelnut one. Even though we ate it hours later while walking around, It was really enjoyable.