Restaurant ERH was the first reservation I made. I initially made it for our arrival day, but I moved it to a later date, so we can enjoy it more. When I made the reservation, I mentioned no poultry and as we were seated a staff member asked if we had any allergies or restrictions. I said poultry and he acknowledged that he was aware of that. Read on and see what happens next!

Watermelon, Ricotta, Onion
Great start with a sweet creamy amuse.

Trout Tartare with Potato Chips
Fresh trout and crunchy potato chips, a nice little snack.

I am not a fan of soft bread, so I just took a small bite. It was OK.

Bonito, Tomato, Tempura
It was crisped bonito, crunchy asparagus and tomatoes.

Corn, Zucchini, Mushroom, Foie Gras
Very good dish. Foie Gras is the only poultry I eat and I was like, strange that they serve me this considering I told them no poultry!

Wild Duck, Turnip, Carrot
Now to the main dish. As the server put the plate in front of us, I was wondering what kind of meat it was? He said it was canard or something similar. I was like, that sounds like duck. I took a bite and tried to convince myself that it was steak but the crisped skin and the fat under the skin was telling a different story. It tasted good but I had to finally ask when a lady came to clear our plates. I said, what kind of meat was this? She said, duck. She went on and talked to the other staff and they all looked at us. Then another guy came by and I told him, was that duck that we had? He said, it was a wild female duck that is more elegant than duck! Well, it tasted fine but a restaurant of this caliber should be more careful!

Final goodies. They all tasted amazing, especially the parsley espuma. Best part of the meal!