I first noticed Le Clarence online while searching for a memorable place to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. The setting was not my usual sleek modern look, so I hesitated. A fellow on Chowhound recommended it again, so I took a second look. I realized the chef, Christophe Pele, used to work at La Bigarrade. A place that we dined at eight years ago. I remember that I cancelled restaurant Guy Savoy to dine there instead.
We arrived a little early and after a few minutes we were taken to the second floor. The service was formal and attentive as expected for a Michelin two star restaurant. I especially liked the lady that took care of us. I have never eaten so much delicious bread in my life and I am the kind of a person that for health reasons, make my own coconut and almond breads. The restaurant source their bread from La Maison Pichard. It offers three different menus. We went for the lunch menu and had three glasses of a very good champagne. Food was good to pretty good and we sampled a good variety of food.

Sea Snail
It was pretty good.

Comté Gougère
Love gougère and love comté so I was in cheese heaven!

Barbajuan is a stuffed fritter. It had a great texture and tasted pretty good.

Loved this brioche. Had amazing layers of goodness and joy to eat.

Sourdough, Baguette, Breadstick 
Loved every bite of the crusty delicious breads and creamy butter.

Rouget With Fig
Very fresh fish and went well with the fig and lardon.

Rouget with Eggplant
Another version of rouget with eggplant.

Fresh mussels with herbs.

Lamb with fresh Anchovy
Very high quality lamb cooked perfectly. I took a bite of the anchovy and gave the rest to my husband!

Cèpes Mushroom, Lamb Kidney and Sabayon 
I have not had lamb kidney since I was a child. It was prepared well. Who does not like sabayan?

Tomato, Haddock
Roasted sweet tomato and perfectly cooked haddock.

Lamb Chop
Cooked perfect and was not gamey.

Sweet and delicious.

Lemon cream with Raspberry
Good flavor.

Strawberry Ice Cream
Very good flavor.

Baba au Rhum
A treat for our anniversary. Thankfully, it was not too sweet.

Even more carb to put you on the food coma!