I have been wanting to try Rooster and Owl for a while now. I even tried to make a reservation for my birthday, but I was out of luck. Finally, we made it there on a Friday night. The menu was four courses at $65. The food we tried was pretty good but spicy. The highlights were the two desserts we had. Service was very informative and friendly. I even got a survey the next day asking detail questions.

Roasted Beets foie gras, brioche, granola
It was a good dish. Plenty of flavorful beets. I just wish there was more foie gras to make you happy.

Carrots Carolina-style BBQ, cornbread
This was an additional dish we ordered when we smelled a heavenly BBQ scent. The sauce was the best but spicy enough for me to cough a few times. The cornbread ice cream was amazing.

Shiitake Larb butter lettuce, puffed rice, apple
Another flavorful spicy dish. Thankfully, the cool lettuce tamed it down a bit. The apple slices helped with the heat also.

Ricotta Gnudi butternut squash, pumpkin seed, sage
It was a nice fall dish.

Eggplant Milanese roasted tomato, frisée, raisin mustard
My husband picked this dish. It was vegetarian version of veal Milanese. Breaded eggplant with tomato and cheese.

Icelandic Cod potato-leek, fingerlings, fennel
Well cooked cod with potatoes. It does not get any more classic than that. I wish it was a bit more creative.

Chocolate Crémeux fig, rosemary, pistachio
Loved this chocolate goodnesses. The star of the show was the rosemary ice cream. We liked it so much that as our waiter presented the bill and asked us if we needed anything else? I said yes, more rosemary ice cream! To our surprise he brought us a scoop. Very nice gesture!

Posset lemon, grape, fennel, almond
Another lovely dessert. Very comforting and flavorful.