Our experience at Stellina Pizzeria was a mix bag. You order at the register and the food is delivered to your table. I tipped more than usual and I wish I could ask for it back. The food we tried was good but the service was not great. We got my dish first and since we were sharing we did not mind it. A few minutes later we got our dessert before my husband’s pizza! I asked our food runner what happened to our pizza? She said it was coming up! I watched her going to the counter and clearly our order was not placed. A few minutes later the guy that I placed our order with came by and asked how everything was? I told him we were still waiting for our pizza. Finally we got our pizza without any apology. The least they could have done was to offer a drink or something for our trouble.

Octopus and Burrata Fried octopus, burrata, escarole, black olives, chickpea purée
It was a tasty dish but hard to cut it in half. The bread was very crusty, octopus was cooked right and burrata was creamy. The side of chips was good also.

Cannoli Siciliani Ricotta, chocolate, pistacchio
It was on the sweet side.

Carrettiera Fiordilatte, homemade sausage, friarielli, roasted yellow tomato, Calabrian pepper, provolone cheese
It was a good pizza but was it worth a half an hour wait? I don’t know.