We had breakfast and dinner at Suraya. My biggest problem with dinner was the darkness of the place. You could barely see the menu and see what you were eating! Part of enjoying your food is the visual element. Service was fine. Prices a bit high considering the portions.

Lebanese Chai Latte and Tehina Hot Chocolate
The latte was a repeat and tasted a bit milder than the previous time. It had a pronounced turmeric flavor. We both loved the hot chocolate. Great blend of tahini and chocolate with ghazel, a Lebanese cotton candy on the top. Could drink one every day.

Apple Chausson date • cinnamon • almond
Very good. I did not realize it had date! Very flavorful apples and buttery dough.

Fatteh warm chickpeas, eggplant, crispy pita & tehina yogurt • almonds, cashews & brown butter
This dish was so good and comforting. Lots of crunchy and creamy textures.

Baba Ganoush eggplant • tehina • urfa • pomegranate
We had this dish before. It tasted good but a little less smoky than the previous time.

Halabi Kebab Lamb kebab with spices and muhammara
The ground lamb was seasoned with chili pepper, cinnamon, coriander and topped with muhammara, which is roasted pepper and walnut spread. It tasted good but it was dense. It came with roasted peppers and onion and a tiny bowl of hummus.