I have been wanting to try Afghan Bistro ever since we moved to Northern Virginia. I did not realize it served lunch, otherwise we would have dined there much earlier. The space was very small but it had some nice art work. There was no sign of any Afghan nationals at lunch time. Everything we tried was tasty but spicy and acidic.

Roasted eggplant and tomatoes. It tasted good but there was no mention of tomatoes on the menu.

Khammer Mashreqi
It was a flavorful beef dumplings topped with garbanzo, kidney beans, Yogurt and mint. It was tasty and a good amount of food for $12.95.

Ghengis Shank
Lamb shank with a very acidic spiced tomato sauce over rice with carrot and raisins. It tasted pretty good but my stomach paid the price. The leftover was chewy.