Farro Congee short rib / black garlic xo / crispy enoki
It was a comforting dish. Farro added a healthy whole grain element. Enoki added crunch.

Pork Belly
The pork belly was smoky and tasty.

Pork Belly Lettuce Wrap rice gravy
If you offer lettuce wrap, you better make sure it is fresh. The ones we received looked so sad and unappetizing. Like they have been sitting around for a long time. As I was ready to tell our waitress the problem, a gentleman who worked at the hotel came by and talked to me. I told him about the problem and he took away the old lettuce. It took a while and when I asked our waitress about the status of the lettuce, she checked and told us that they were re doing the order. Well, the new order was much better and fresher.

Green Tea mousse with Citrus and Crème fraîche
The main reason we were there. It was a light delicious cake that we received on the house because of the lettuce problem. That was nice of them.