Emilie’s is chef Kevin Tien new restaurant in the Capital Hill area of Washington D.C. We dined at his previous restaurant, Himitsu twice. I have read reviews about Emilie’s for a while now. When I read that the restaurant was going to have a new year brunch, I got interested. There was no menu posted online. I even called twice asking about the menu, but unfortunately it was not available even until the day before. All you knew was for $40 per person, you get three courses. On new year’s day, as soon as we sat down and saw the menu, we were disappointed. For the first course you had a choice of yogurt parfait, a muffin or iceberg lettuce salad. I was like, really? We picked the yogurt. The second course options were a bit better depending on which dish you chose. For dessert You had a choice of donuts or affogato. Very creative!! Let’s just say for $80 we were better off having dinner than leaving brunch hungry.

Yogurt Parfait roasted carrots, apricot lemon jam, coconut, pistachios and toasted sesame
It was a good parfait full of flavor. We thought the roasted carrots were papaya!! It had a good balance of sweet, crunchy and tangy. We wanted more.

New Orleans BBQ Shrimp Castle Valley grits, mascarpone, cherry peppers, garlic chives
Another dish that was a child portion. You wanted more to feel satisfied. The shrimps were cut in half lengthwise so you think you had more than you really did.

Affogato chicory coffee, sweet and condensed milk
It was good but very basic and very small portion.