I have read so much about Green Almond Pantry and since it is closed on Sundays, our usual day in D.C., it took a while to get there. Was it worth the hype? It depends. If you are a vegetarian and live in the area, it is a good option. For us, not so much. The menu is very short and prices are what the market charges in the area.

Little Little in the Middle Flat green beans, spicy cabbage, lentils and smoky eggplant, hummus, red lentil balls
Hummus was creamy and we liked the briny olives. Flat green beans were a meh. Spicy cabbage was good. lentils and eggplant were earthy. Overall good but not great.

Elysian Fields Lamb w/ Hummus
It was a fine dish but nothing exciting. It could have used more spices and citrus to brighten it up.