Two people on Chowhound recommended this noodle house. Since my cousin was in town visiting and I wanted to take her to Old Town, we gave this place a try. The overall experience was good with the exception of one dish.. It was packed by the time we left.

Spring onion and tofu salad fresh soft tofu, spring onion, cilantro, sweet citrus soy vinaigrette, chili oil
It was a good dish. The vinaigrette was too salty.

Braised beef lu braised beef chuck, beef jus, carrots, Chinese chives, mushrooms, pickled radishes, crushed roasted peanuts, braised tea egg
Surprisingly, this dish was our favorite. It was a dry noodle dish and was very flavorful. The beef reminded me of a good brisket.

Baked potato rice baked potato and rice, Virginia ham, sweet chinese sausage, pea, scallions, cilantro, sweet soy, chili oil
It was a nice dish but the portion a bit small for $7.

Lijiang cold sliced pork local wine soaked pork tenderloin, cucumber, scallion, garlic soy, chili vinegar
My cousin picked this dish and it was our least favorite. It was dry and tasteless.