Shilling Canning Company is a new restaurant in the Navy Yard area of D.C. We recently had brunch there. The food we had was good to pretty good. Prices were a bit high, but considering the location by the water, that is probably expected. Service was fine. They forgot to put the ham on our flatbread and the manager blamed it on the staff rushing things up to serve people. Yeh, that is a very good reason!!

Steak and Eggs fried eggs, potato rosti, glazed oyster mushrooms
It was a really good and satisfying dish. Steak was good quality and cooked just right to medium rare. I especially enjoyed the crisped potato rosti, which is an old time favorite of mine.

Sourdough Flatbread Surryano Ham, mornay, coultre farms swiss, hen eggs and greens
Since I had to go tell the hostess that happened to be standing near us about the incomplete flatbread missing the main ingredient of ham, I forgot to take a picture. The crust was OK and not as airy and crisp as we like. The swiss cheese was good and nutty but a bit salty combined with the ham. $22 was a bit high for a brunch pizza.